A Bright Boy

A young boy is playing with a ball in the street. He kicks it too hard and it breaks the window of a house and falls inside. A lady comes to the window with the ball and shouts at the young boy, so he runs away but still he wants his ball back.

A few minutes later he returns and knocks at the door of the house and when the lady answers it, he says, «My father's going to come and fix the window very soon.»

After a few more minutes a man comes to the door with tools in his hand, so the lady lets the boy take his ball away.

When the man finishes fixing the window, he says to the lady, «That will cost you ten dollars.»

«But aren't you the father of that young boy?» the woman asked, looking surprised. «No,» he answers, equally surprised. «Aren't you his mother?»

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк

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