A conductor

by Anzhela Pryimak

A conductor is a member of a train or a tram crew. A conductor is always dressed in a uniform. A conductor's uniform is clean and ironed. There are no stains or dirt on the uniform. The color of conductor's uniform is light grey or dark blue. All buttons of the shirt should be fastened. A business card (or a tag) is fixed on the left side. He is always neat. His hair is neat and clean. Conductor's hair should not be too long. Men should not wear earrings or bracelets. Women should not have too much make-up on: natural color of powder, soft lipstick and only black mascara. Some jewellery is allowed.

Every conductor has got responsibilities. Before the departure each carriage has got technical and sanitary preparations. The conductor, taking the carriage, must ensure that it matches all requirements and rules. He makes sure the train stays on schedule. He completes en-route paperwork. He controls safety on the train. He controls train movement while operating in reverse. He opens and closes train doors.

Every conductor must be at workplace not less than 1 hour before the train departs. A conductor must tell passengers about the departure of the train not less than 5 minutes before the departure. Not later than 5 minutes after the departure of the train conductors must check passengers' tickets. During the ticket check, passengers are informed about fire and personal safety, the location of the train and possible paid services. Every conductor has got tea, coffee and confectionery on offer. A conductor must announce the arrival of the train 30 minutes beforehand regardless of time of the day.

It is also important for a conductor to be able to distinguish colours. A conductor must be fluent in English (speaking, reading and writing).

Conductors' job is not easy. They do night shifts and day shifts. They are always far from home. They call the road their second home!

Tense focused questions

  1. Is a conductor a member of a train or a tram crew?
  2. Is a conductor always dressed in a uniform?
  3. Is conductors' job easy?
  4. What is their working schedule?
  5. Does conductor complete en-route paperwork?
  6. Does conductor clean windows and bathrooms?
  7. Does the conductor have to know foreign languages?
  8. What type of hair does the conductor have to wear?
  9. What time does the conductor have to be at the work place?
  10. When does he control the train movement?
  11. Can the conductor sleep at the work place?
  12. Can women wear many bracelets and rings?
  13. What information can the passengers get during the ticket check?
  14. What can the conductor offer if the passenger is thirsty or hungry?
  15. Has conductor got responsibilities?

Descriptive ideas

What is the most comfortable place on a train like?

What is the best /worst train like?

Role plays

Conflicting. Imagine that you are trying to get on the train and you give a ticket but forgot a passport at home,and the conductor can't let you get into the train.What are your actions?

Conflicting. Imagine that you are going to take your place on the train but smb has already sat there and this person isn't going to leave your place. What are you going to do?

Conflicting. Imagine that you ordered a cup of coffee but a conductor gave you a cup of tea,would you make an argument?

Conflicting. Imagine that you have a really annoying neighbour on the train,you ask him to be quiet and not to disturb you but he doesn't care,what will you do?Would you appeal to the conductor?

Controversial ideas

Do you agree or disagree? Express your opinion.

Bedding on a train must be given free of charge.

The conductor should warn passengers about thestops.

There should not be any restrictions on baggage.

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