A Jar of Jam

Mr. Marsh was a senator in the government. One day he was driving to a town to make an important speech when he stopped at a small restaurant to have some coffee. When he saw that the restaurant had some nice fresh rolls, he asked the waitress for one, and she brought it. Then he asked for some butter and jam, and she brought a very small serving of butter and a very small jar of jam.

«I'd like some more jam, please,» Mr. Marsh said.

«I am sorry,» she answered, «but we only give one serving of butter and one jar of jam with each roll.»

Mr. Marsh began to get annoyed. «Do you know who I am, young lady?» he said. «I am the state senator.»

«And do you know who I am?» the waitress asked.

Mr. Marsh was surprised and said, «No.»

«Well,» she answered, «I'm the person who gives out the jars of jam.»

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. Who was Mr. Marsh?
  2. Why did he stop at a small restaurant?
  3. What did Mr. Marsh ask the waitress to bring more of?
  4. What did the waitress answer?
  5. What did Mr. Marsh say about himself?
  6. What did the waitress say about herself?
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