A Joke

The advertisement in The Stage, a "Showbiz" magazine read: "Non-speaking part, but you must be very athletic." So Jim, being out of work, applied for the job and found himself being directed to the local Zoo. There, the zoo's director explained to him that one of the zoo's major attractions, the gorilla, had died and they needed a substitute until the real thing could be imported. 'All you have to do is wear this gorilla suit for a few weeks and swing around the branches,' said the zoo's director. The few weeks turned into a month and, although it was hot in the suit, the pay was good. Jim had even worked out quite a good routine, leaping and tumbling about. And the public seemed to love it. Indeed the crowd's applause drove him to be even more daring until one day, while attempting a somersault he lost his grip and fell out of the tree and straight into the lion's enclosure.

When he recovered his senses he saw the lion approaching and started to scream for help.

"Shut up, you fool!" said the lion. "Do you want to get us both the sack?"

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