A Problem With Monkeys

An old woman is walking home. She is carrying a bag of groceries. Suddenly a monkey takes the groceries and runs.

Where does this happen? This happens in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a big city with a big problem — a problem with monkeys. About 700 monkeys live in a forest near Hong Kong. The monkeys come into the city to eat.

The monkeys take bags of groceries from old women. They take bread from babies. They go into apartments through open windows and take fruit from kitchen tables.

In some apartments the monkeys find cans of beer. They open the pop-top cans and drink the beer.

The people of Hong Kong don't want the monkeys in their city. They say, "Hong Kong is not a good place for monkeys. The forest is a good place for monkeys."

But the monkeys don't want to eat in the forest. There is no bread in the forest. And there is no beer!

So, every day the monkeys come into the city. How can people stop them? Nobody knows!

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