Adverbs of Frequency

Grammar: Present Simple

Age: kids / teens 

Level: intermediate

Adverbs of frequency

  • never
  • always
  • often
  • very often
  • quite often
  • seldom
  • rarely
  • frequently
  • generally
  • normally
  • occasionally
  • regularly

1. Use adverbs of frequency. Make up as many sensible sentences as possible. Make up your own sentences.

2. Each child writes two sentences about themselves in Present Simple on two pieces of paper.

(I brush my teeth twice a day. I walk my dog in the park). 

Those papers are collected by a teacher. One by one they choose one of the papers. 

Teacher says: “Guess who always  brushes his/her teeth twice a day?”. That child tries to find the person. (Jane, do you always brush your teeth twice a day?) 

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