Another in Use



Another + a singular noun = one more.

I want another apple.

Can I have another cup of tea?

Another + a singular noun = different to what you have.

I will find another therapist. Give me another apple, this one is wormy.

Another + singular or plural noun of distance, length of time, or other amount = additional amount.

Prices will not rise by more than another 4 per cent.

Continue down the same road for another 2 kilometres.

I shall be busy for another three hours.

In another minute we arrived at the door.

One another = about more than two people.

Each other = about two people.

Both can be used about indefinite number.

The triplets dislike one another.

The twins like each other.

The waiters followed one another into the dining room.

The beloved looked at each other.

The student, teacher and the guest looked at one another.

We respect each other.

We help one another

Singular noun + or another

Plural noun or uncountable noun + or other

Visiting artists of one kind or another are crowding.

All of home remedies have at one time or another been tried.

This advice or other will not improve the situation.

One and another = one or the other:

choice between one person or thing and another person or thing.

Millions of people in one way or the other are involved in our project.

One act of law breaking and another should be ceased.

Another one = noun substitution.

Shall I give you a white cap on the upper shelf? No, I would like another one on the lower shelf.

More examples:

  1. Though we had another and another attempt, there was no progress in implementing our project.
  2. He lay back in his armchair, looking in another direction.
  3. I heard the lark and pewee and other birds already come to commence another year with us.
  4. There is another alternative than to obtain the superfluities,that is, to adventure on life now.
  5. Yet, we do not treat ourselves nor one another tenderly and respectably.
  6. I looked eagerly from one pleasant experience to another as the days flew swiftly by.
  7. I felt wretched to find one child and another and yet another deprived of the most valuable: a family.
  8. After the harrowing experience it was a long time before I climbed another tree.
  9. If we do not understand one another in a team, why should we play together?
  10. Hunger dehumanises, causing one person to turn on another and to forget everything except his own survival .
  11. Genetic modification in agriculture affects more than one hundred million people, and striving for riches blinds another half million to its consequences.
  12. One ball after another came whizzing near him.
  13. There were three of them left. They looked at one another in horror.
  14. The officer barked the orders, one after another.
  15. I can not tell them one from another. They look so much alike.
  16. Another five years passed before they met again.
  17. I am very busy now. I will see you another time.
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