Appearance Character Discussion Questions

1. What qualities do you most admire in people?

2. What characteristics most annoy you in people?

3. Is it possible : for a wise man to be a fool; for a genius to be a slightly mad; to be kind by being cruel; to be cruel by being kind ?

4. Do you agree with the following. Give reasons and examples : young people wear the same clothes as old people.

5. We don’t wear the same clothes to a funeral as we do to a wedding.

6. We can tell what social background people come from by looking at them.

7. We dress according to our personality. We dress according to the image we want to create.

8. People judge each other too much on appearance.

9. What effect do you think weather has on a nation’s character?

10. The shape of your face can give a clue to your personality. What does yours says about you? What do your friends’ say about them?

11. Most people are aware of their astrological signs, and know the characteristics associated with the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Do you know your sign? Do you agree with its characteristics?

12. Overcoming some drawbacks in their character people get stronger. How could these be overcome: “I am a bad cook”, “I’m a bad mother”, “I am not beautiful”, “I’ll never get married”, “What shall I be thought of”, “I’m getting older”, etc.

13. If it happened your friend to be a kleptomaniac. What would you do?

14. How do you think you look today? Do you look forward to any complements today? When did you make compliments last time? When were you told a compliment last time? How do you feel when being complimented?Do you ever say someone looks good but really they don’t? Do you believe people making you compliments?

15.When is your appearance most important?

When did it happen last time that your appearance was most important? How did you look? What did you feel?

16. Has your mother ever complained about your appearance? What should parents do so that children feel confident about their looks?

17.How are people's appearances today different from 100 years ago?Are people obsessed with appearance today?

18.How often do you check your appearance in the mirror?

19.Is what's on the inside more important than what's on the outside?

20.Is appearance more important in politics or show business?

21. Do you spend a lot of money on cosmetic products? Is it worth it? Do you think it is worth spending a lot of money on fashionable clothes? What fashionable clothes did you buy last? What would you like to buy?

22. How should a person look during a job interview?

23. Would you consider seeing an image consultant to improve your appearance?

24. Do you think tattoos look good on a person? Would you ever get one? Do you know anyone whose tattoos you do not like? Why?

25. Can an unusual hair colour like blue or green ever look good? Why?

26. Why are ear piercings so popular in many cultures? Do you have them? Do nose piercings look good in your opinion? Would you ever have it done yourself?

27. Do you think painted nails look good? Do you ever paint your own? What do you think of people whose nails are dirty?

28. Why do people believe that appearance is important when choosing a life partner?

29. Do you think there is a connection between beauty and intelligence?

30. Why do we judge women by their appearance more than men?

31. Why do people take so many selfies nowadays? Have we become self-obsessed?

32. Is the popularity of cosmetic surgery a problem in our society?