Appearance (Role Plays)

Your friend has fallen in love with a guy and she wants to date with him. She thinks that losing weight will help her to get him to date with her. She is on a diet and she eats very little food. She goes to the gym every day. Yesterday she even lost consciousness.You’re really worried about her. Try to convince her to stop ruining her health.

Expressions that you can use in your dialogue:

  • tastes differ; 
  • you’re being nuts; 
  • he doesn’t deserve you; 
  • he won’t appreciate it; 
  • this is ridiculous.

You’re in love with a guy from your school, but he doesn’t even notice you. His ex-girlfriend is really skinny. You are trying to lose weight to make him love you. Yesterday you lost consciousness. But you think, it’s because of your feelings.

Expressions that you can use in your dialogue:

  • I don’t care; 
  • he is the one; 
  • you’re not my mum; 
  • you don’t understand; 
  • it’s not your busines.
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