Are you- questions

Body description.

Are you brunette/blonde?

Are you brown-eyed/blue-eyed?

Are your cheeks rosy in the frost?

Are you heavy/thin/fat/thick/short/tall/well-built?

Are you tall, very tall, quite tall, six feet tall, not very tall, short?

Are most women muscular?

Are you of average height, medium height, middle height?

Are you strong, muscular, athletic?

Are babies cute?

What are attractive women/men like?

What are petite women like?

Are your ears pierced? What are they pierced with?

Are your hands/ams/legs tattooed?

Are you more often well-dressed, nicely dressed, casually dressed,poorly dressed?

Are you a person of pleasant manners/smile?

Disposition description.

When are you happy/unhappy?

Are you ever moody?

When are you sad?

How often are youtired?

Are you often angry? Who or what are you more often angry with?

Are most elderly peoplegrumpy?

Are you ever sick after parties?

Are you often ill in winter?

Are you intelligent?

Are you ever scruffy?(untidy)

Are you good-tempered, good-natured, easy-going?

Are you always friendly/sociable/ outgoing?

How much ambitious are you?

Are you always honest?

Are you a Scorpio by horoscope (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces?)

What are you like as a Scorpio?

Are you married, unmarried, single, bachelor, divorced, separated,widower, widow, widowed, cohabitee (or cohabitant) etc.?

Are you a resentful person?

Are you forgetful?

Habit description.

Are you a vegetarian or a meat eater?

Are you a picky eater?

Are you a heavy smoker?

Are you a chocolate / sweet/coffee/drug addict?

Are you a dreamer?

Are you a nuisance? Who are you a nuisance to?

Are you lazy (a couch potato)?

Are you ever grumpy? When are you grumpy?

Are you noisy?

Are you naughty?

Are you a boaster?

Are you interesting to your friends? Are your friends interesting to you?

Are you a traveller? Are you an active traveller?

Are you polite? Are you a polite customer? Are you polite at home?

Are you a good friend? Why are you a good friend?

Are you a complainer?

Are you ever awkward? What are you awkward with?

Are you a sweet tooth?

Are you a theatre/cinema/restaurant goer?

Are you a gambler?

Are you sporty? Are you a basketball/tennis, etc player? Are you a good skier/skater?

Are you well without money?

Are ou a hoarder?

Are you punctual?

Location defining.

Where are you usually in the morning/ evening/afternoon/ in summer/winter/autumn/spring?

Where are you on holidays (New Year/Christmas/Easter/your birthday?

Where are you in rainy/snowy weather?

Where are you at weekends?

Where are you in rush hours?

Where are you on business? Are you often on business trips? Are you often on trips alone or with someone?

What are you good at?

Are you good at drawing?

Are you good or bad at cooking?

What are you best at?

Are you good at playing chess/cards/tennis/badminton/football, etc?

When are you better at doing puzzles?

Are you good at driving?

Are you good at playing the musical instruments/dancing to music?

Are you good at telling stories/anecdotes?

Are you good at repairing things?

Life roles.

Are you a good neighbour? How good neighbour are you?

Are you professional in your sphere?

How much lucky/unlucky are you?

Are you successful? What are you successful in?


What are you afraid of?Are you afraid of closed spaces? Are you afraid of darkness?

Are you more often annoyed with things or people?

When are you bored? What are mostly bored with?

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