At the Bank

by Yulia Hrytsyna

Nowadays we can’t imagine every single day without using money. Daily we perform financial transaction even without noticing it. It happens because there are special organizations that make our lives easier, helping us to pay for all the services only in a few seconds. These organizations are banks. At the present day, banks offer their customers a wide variety of services.

When you come to the bank, the first person that meets you is a hall manager. He is responsible for meeting clients, enquiring the reasons for their coming and directing them to a necessary specialist (manager or teller). A hall manager can give you an ultimate consultation, tell you about the most beneficial offers that are at the bank. He also should teach you how to make payments in the self-service area, i.e. automated teller machine (ATM) and payment terminal.

If you want to open customer’s account card for pension or salary, you should go to the retail banking customer service specialist. He helps customer to open an account and provides him with a card. It should be mentioned that customer can choose any type of the card. The most popular types are VISA and Mastercard. There are even special personalized cards with customer’s name and surname on it. Depending on a type of the card, you can get different types of additional services, such as anaccess to VIP lounge zones of the airports all over the world, discounts for car rent, shopping discounts etc. Retail banking customer service specialist can help you to arrange overdraft. It is an amount of money that a customer is temporarily allowed to owe to the bank. There are a lot of different kinds of overdrafts,, car loan, equipment loan,overdraft facility.

In case you want to pay bills, make a deposit, pay back the credit, get or transfer money, exchange currency, buy a ticket or obtain the insurance you should be directed to a teller (a cashier). He makes these types of the payments and tells customers about useful services of the bank.

When you need to open an account for the legal entity, you should go to anaccount manager SMB that provides services for small and medium business. Account manager SMB gives all necessary information for opening an account. He opens this account during 3 days, register a customer in the online client-banking and conducts customer’s revenue to the account. Account manager SMB is in charge of attraction new customers and conducting business meetings.

In the event when a customer has some complains, he should go to a chief-manager, who coordinates the work of all other workers and solves the issues. Chief-manager works in pair with account manager SMB in conducting business meetings and attraction new clients.

So, if you need to perform one of the mentioned above financial actions, you should certainly go to the bank. Specialists there do these tasks in the fastest way and with a great convenience for you.


1. What banks are nearby your house? work? How often do you use the services that the banks offer? Where is more securely, in your opinion, to save money in the state bank or in a private?

2. Is your work connected with banks? transfers? payments? Where do you work? What are your responsibilities? Do you know someone who works at the bank? What is her/his position? What is he/she in charge of?

3. Have you ever opened an account? For what purposes did you do that? Where did you open it? Do you like the service in that bank?

4. What was the worst situation that you have ever experienced in the bank? Who was guilty in that situation? What was the solution?

5. Do you get angry, when you receive messages from the bank about the new offers? Or do you like when bank keeps you in a loop (sent you the information about the latest offers and services)?

6. What character qualities should a good chief-manager possesses? (confidence, business intelligence, determination, forecasting, goal setting, group leadership, managing conflicts, persuasion skills, taking charge, teamwork, time management)

7. Would you like to work in the bank? Where would you like to work (in what bank)? Which position would you like to choose? What salary would you like to have? What would be your duties?

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