At the motel

by Karina Epelfeld

Motel is a roadside hotel designed primarily for motorists, typically having the rooms arranged in a low building with parking directly outside.

When I travel by car, I don't usually book a room in a motel for one night. I select my destination where I get to with a help of my GPS navigator. I see a worthy motel. The motel has got two floors. There is a huge parking here. It is a very useful thing for the long-distance truck drivers and people who travel by car. I park my car and enter the motel. There is a very cozy atmosphere. There is a big reception desk with two castor chairs, a call-button on the desk, a key board on the wall above the reception desk and a big comfortable leather sofa in front of the desk in the corner of the hall. A receptionist meets me. I show him/her my identity card. She/he checks me in. I pay for my room. She/he gives me a key from my room. She doesn't take me into my room. She explains where it is on a motel map or with the help of gestures.

The room is very modest. The motel hasn't got many facilities. I don't have a microwave oven or a fridge here, but there is everything for an overnight stay: a bed, a shower and a toilette. I don't have supper here. I take a shower and I go to bed. There is a café near the motel. I usually have breakfast there. At twelve o'clock I need to leave my room. It's time for checking out. I pack my things, give back my key and depart.

When I leave my room I check all my bags and continue this traveling. I like staying overnight at the motels. It's cheap enough and very comfortable.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Do you like traveling? Why?
  2. What kind of traveling do you like: by car, by train etc.?
  3. Where do you like to stay?
  4. What is important while traveling by car?
  5. What usually helps you on the road?
  6. What is the difference between a motel and a hotel?
  7. What do you usually do at the motel?
  8. Do you have a meal at the motel?
  9. Who meets you at the motel?
  10. What does a receptionist do?
  11. Do you stay at the motel for a long time?
  12. Where do you usually find a place to take some food?
  13. When is time for checking-out? What do you do before it?

Tense focused questions

  1. Are you a person who likes traveling by car?
  2. Are you afraid of long-distance ways?
  3. Are you good at driving?
  4. Do you like staying at the motels during your trip?
  5. Do you feel comfortable when you have a very modest room?
  6. Do you use GPS-navigator while traveling?
  7. Do you usually travel alone or with somebody?
  8. Have you ever booked the room in the motel?
  9. Have you ever taken food in the motel’s restaurants/cafes? What was it like?
  10. Have you ever left any things at the motels?
  11. Have you ever had the conflicts with the personnel of the motels?
  12. Would you like to stay a the motel?

Descriptive ideas

What does the most polite receptionist look like?

What does the worst room at the motel look like?

What does the most fascinating room look like? Describe the interior.

Role plays

Excitement. Imagine you enter the motel and the receptionist tells that you are the millionth costumer and you win the prize.

Conflicting. Imagine you have already paid for the room and want to leave the motel. Receptionist stopped you and told that you had left your room with the broken bed.

Controversial ideas

Do you agree or disagree? Explain your opinion.

People should have medical certificate before being settled in the motel to prevent other customers and receptionist from different dangerous diseases.

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