Autumn begins in September and lasts until December. The beautiful and warm days of summer are over. The days and nights are no more as long as in spring. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. It gets colder, especially in the morning. The temperature is between 8 and 20 degrees.

The flowers bloom in the gardens and meadows.

The trees are beautifully colored, their leaves are yellow, red, orange. The golden colors indicate the wonderful beauty of the nature. The environment looks picturesque. Unfortunately, these colors do not remain for long. The leaves slowly fall off, they fall to the ground and form the soft carpet from the foliage. Autumn is associated with rainy, cloudy weather. One can not agree with this fact. The autumn is also very nice and warm. Sometimes autumn is as beautiful as summer. The warmth and the bright sun warm the nature and at the same time our souls. When a nice weather period comes in September or October, we call it Indian summer.

Only in late autumn is there cool and rainy weather. Later the fog comes. Nature prepares for sleep. The sky is grey. The trees lose their last leaves and become bare. The migratory birds leave their homes and fly to the south, where it is warm and they can find something to eat. It's often windy weather, so the kids get their kites flying.

In September, the school starts, and all the real summer time ends. You meet your schoolmates again, all school friends you have not seen for a long time in the summer. In addition, the harvest season is also in autumn. Fruits and all vegetables in gardens are ripe: potatoes, sugar beets, grapes, apples, pears and plums. The people harvest all the fruits and all the vegetable garden. They make their final preparation for the long and cold winter.

In November, winter arrives. The first snow falls. And you like to stay in the warm room, sit by the window and look out. It's nice to watch the snow-covered streets in front of the house.