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The peculiarities of the school education in Belgium are dictated by the fact that it is a place (particularly the capital city of Brussels) where thousands of diplomats from dozens of countries around the world come to work every year. Therefore, at the time, when most local public schools provide education in French or Dutch (which are official in Belgium) a lot of the diplomats’ children, whose parents are on a business trip, require institutions where they can learn in English.

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As a result, the country has dozens of so-called international (European, British or American schools), some of which accept only children of diplomats from the EU member states. Education at such schools can be costly. Fees vary from 6 to 25 thousand euros per year per a child.

The US government provides the children of Ukrainian diplomats with a handful of privileged seats at the American school in Brussels every year. Typically, after the several years of such training, students achieve a rather high level of English.

The peculiarities of the school education in Belgium are dictated by the fact that it is a place where thousands of diplomats come to work every year.

Belgium also has a special law on school buses. Elementary school pupils may not leave the school grounds independently if not met by an authorized adult.

Another feature of the Belgian school system is the overwhelming lack of textbooks. Students learn from printed handouts they put in folders. Belgian children and teens are generally, very relaxed and open to new cultures. By the time when the school day ends, you may still see them converse with each other, sitting directly on the ground, even if the weather is cold, consuming not very healthy sugary snacks or chips.

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