Boarding the Plane

by Olena Soloviova

If you are in a hurry and want to save your time, you'dbetter travel by plane, because it's the fastest way of travelling!

But if you are airsick, the flight may seem not so nice for you.Then you can buy the pills for air-sick.

Well, you are ready to fly somewhere!You have to make your preparations, should pack your things in a suitcase and book your boarding pass online and print it, or you enter the airport and buy your ticket there. You can book the first class ticket, economy class ticket (coach ticket) , the ticket with a seat in the non-smoking section and so on.

When the day of the departure comes, you go to the airport. It's always good to arrive there in advance.☺If it is an international flight, you arrive 3 hours before, ifit is a domestic flight- 90 min before.If you have some spare time, you can stay in the waiting room and take some refreshments. And then you go to check your bags.But don't forget, please: each passenger is allowed 20 kilograms of luggage free of charge-for economy class and 30 kg –for first class.And if your baggage is heavier, you must pay an extra charge. Another luggage (or the belongings) of certain size and less than 8 kg are allowed to bring on the board of a plane and put them in the overhead compartment.

Before boarding the plane , you must pass through the security checkpoint. There you putyour luggage in the container,( but all metal items such as chains , a watch, a belt , buttons , even the heeltaps☺ and others in a special box)and they are checked through the X-ray machine. After your things are checked, you go through the X-ray too.

Then you listen to the loudspeaker ,thatannounces that the boarding starts, and passengers are invited to their gate which leads to their plane.

You board the plane in sections or bygroups, by rows /seats. On the plane the flight attendant helps you to find your seat, which can be near the window, in the middle or an aisle seat.

When you are ,in your comfortable seat and your luggage (or carry-on )isin the overhead compartment (locker, bin), you can notice the special flashing signs, which tell you" Fasten the belt!" ,"No smoking!"and so on,and follow them.Thenthe captain welcomes the passengers on the board, givesall information about the flight: the distance to the country or city, the speed,the height of the flight , the temperature there and so on.The stewardessreminds you to observe the rules of safety while you are on a plane and to switch off all electronic gadgets andwishes: "Enjoy your flight!"

Follow-up questions:

  1. What is the fastest way of travelling? Why?
  2. Can you book your boarding pass on line?
  3. Do you need to arrive to the airport in advance? Why?
  4. What kind of tickets can you book at the airport?
  5. How do you know about the departure time, the flight number? Who can help you?
  6. Where do you get information about flights?
  7. Can you bring your luggage on the board of the plane?
  8. How do you register your luggage?
  9. Is there any difference between the domestic flight and international flight?
  10. Is it possible to sleep on the board of the plane?
  11. Where do you leave your luggage?
  12. Do you pay the extra charge at the airport? Why?
  13. What kind of luggage can you bring on the board of the plane?
  14. Is there the security checkpoint at the airport? Why?
  15. What kind of things do you put in the special box before the X-ray machine?
  16. Do you need to go through the X-ray machine?
  17. Do you board the plane yourself or by groups with a flight attendant?
  18. What kind of seats are there on the board of plane?
  19. What kind of seats do you prefer? Why?
  20. Do you arrive at the airport in advance?
  21. Are you airsick?
  22. How do you book the tickets on the plane?
  23. Can you pass through the security checkpoint with the wooden or plastic items in your luggage and clothes?
  24. Why does the flight attendant tell you about the temperature in another country, when you board the plane?
  25. How does the ground look from a plane?
  26. Do you think travelling helps a person to become wiser?
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