1. What time do people have breakfast in your native country?
  2. How long does a breakfast last?
  3. Are you eating your breakfast mindfully — hurriedly eating your breakfast in the car or as you are getting dressed or calmly at your kitchen table?
  4. What common meals are there for breakfast in the world?
  5. What is a healthy/unhealthy breakfast like?
  6. How modern technologies change the quality of breakfast? Do they make it healthier or unhealthier? How why?
  7. What kitchen utensil do people use for making and having breakfast?
  8. Why is this proverb so popular? - "Eat breakfast yourself, share dinner with a friend, give supper to your foe".
  9. Should one have morning exercise before or after breakfast. Why?
  10. Would you rather make breakfast yourself or would you rather smb made it for you? Why?
  11. Do you ever eat cold leftovers for breakfast (pizza, cookies, granola bars)?
  12. How cereals are different from porridge?
  13. Does your breakfast give you enough energy to power your day? Why?
  14. Does your breakfast help to regulate your appetite?
  15. Does your breakfast set the stage for mindful or mindless eating later in the day?
  16. What morning smells arouse your appetite?
  17. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
  18. Has what you eat for breakfast changed over the years?
  19. What do you do while having breakfast?
  20. Do you prefer to eat breakfast alone or with other people?
  21. Do you ever eat breakfast in a restaurant or canteen etc.?
  22. What do you think of breakfasts in other countries?
  23. Is the breakfast you usually eat very healthy?
  24. How often do you skip breakfast or have it on the go?
  25. Can you eat “lunch-style food” or “dinner-style food” for breakfast?
  26. What do you think of breakfasts at hotels? Are you fastidious of having breakfast from hotel plates?
  27. Describe a breakfast that makes your mouth water.
  28. Do you always have time to eat what you want for breakfast?
  29. How important is having breakfast?
  30. Do you watch breakfast television?
  31. Do you like having breakfast in bed?
  32. How do you feel if you wolf the breakfast down?
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