​Can/Could Exercise

Level: B2

Use the verb can in the correct form followed by the appropriate infinitive:

  1. Have you a friend whom ... you ... (to trust) for all your life?
  2. What … he (to do) all this time? He has been gone for twenty minutes.
  3. He … not (to see) me. I came when he had gone.
  4. How … you (to make) such a mistake as to suppose that I was a lier?
  5. Surely you ... (to do) it before. What have you been doing all the day?
  6. The work ... not (to do) in an hour.
  7. Our house was built on the top of the hill and ... (to see) from afar.
  8. I ... not (to sleep) two hours, I still feel tired.
  9. He ... not (to be) her twin brother: he is too slim.
  10. They ... not (to hear) us. Knock again.
  11. If you had asked me for money I... (to lend) yousome.
  12. He ... (to help) me but he refused to.
  13. 13.He still not … (to sleep)? It seems to me it is too late.
  14. I … (not /to dance) — I wish I … .
  15. She has a university education and ... (to make) a career for herself if she hadn’t married.
  16. You not (to forget). I don’t believe you.
  17. She was not well. She ... ( not leave) her cabin.
  18. Negotiators ... discuss it now, clause by clause.
  19. My son is not in town; but he will be before long. … I (to give) him any message?
  20. She ... (to win) but, unfortunately she lost.
  21. She … (to enjoy) the performance as it was boring
  22. He is in the next room, and he... ( to lie) on the sofa now.
  23. What … (to happen) to change him so much?
  24. … there … (to be)any misunderstanding in our first encounter?
  25. A policeman arrived and told him he ... ( not to park) there.
  26. … he … (to steal) a bracelet? Do you think it possible?
  27. How did he get to know it? Who ... he ( to talk) to?
  28. “There’s no such train.” “We came by it.” “You... (to do).”
  29. “Life,” the old man said, “can only be understood backward. Now I see clearly all the mistakes I made and ... (to avoid).”
  30. Really he had no idea that she ... (to use) watercolour as well as that.

  1. have been able
  2. can he have been doing
  3. can not have seen
  4. can you have made
  5. could have done
  6. can not have been done
  7. can be seen
  8. could not sleep
  9. can not be
  10. can not have heard
  11. could have lent
  12. could have helped
  13. can not he still not be sleeping
  14. could
  15. could have made
  16. can not have forgotten
  17. could not leave
  18. could be discussing
  19. can I give
  20. could have won
  21. can not have enjoyed
  22. could be lying
  23. can have happened
  24. can there have been
  25. could not park
  26. can he have stolen
  27. could he have talked
  28. can not have
  29. could have avoided
  30. could use
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