Causatives: Examples in all Tense Forms

Present simple

The gardener waters the flowers regularly.

She has her flowers watered regularly.

Present Continuous

The workers are painting our kitchen.

We are having our kitchen painted.

Present Perfect

The doctor has just tested his eyes.

He has just had his eyes tested.

Present Perfect Continuous

The repairman has been fixing his car for weeks.

He has been having his car fixed for weeks.

Past Simple

Rat control service men exterminated moles in her garden last week.

She had moles in her garden exterminated.

Past Continuous

The hairdresser was perming her hair when she was looking out of the window.

She has was having her hair permed.

Past Perfect

Mother had ironed your T-shirt by dinner time.

You had had your T-shirt ironed.

Past Perfect Continuous

The workers had been decorating their house for weeks before they returned

They had been having their house decorated.

Future Simple

The brigade will repair our roof.

We shall have our roof repaired.

Future Continuous

The barber will be cutting my hair tomorrow from 5 till 6 pm.

I will be having my hair cut.

Future Perfect

The janitor will have cleaned the windows by the evening

The office workers will have had the windows cleaned.

Future Perfect Continuous

The photographers will have been taking photos the whole day tomorrow by the end of the wedding day.

The weds will habe been having the photos taken.

After modals

The postman may send the parcel.

You may have the parcel sent.


Sarah isn't making her own wedding dress, she is going to have her dress made by a designer.


I enjoy having my nails polished and colored.


While having my tooth pulled out yesterday I was praying.

Having had my car washed I drove farther.

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