Children Like Toys

by Vika Rovinska

Children all over the world like toys. A toy is an excellent tool for learning and development. Playing with toys can be an enjoyable means of training young children for life. Nowadays, there are many kinds of toys: soft toys, mechanic, wooden, electronic and computer toys.Some of the simplest toys are a set of wooden blocks or puzzles. Toys such as balls, skipping rope, skateboards, bike, plane, train are for outdoor or sport games. 


The most beloved toy among girls is a doll. There are porcelain dolls, reborn dolls, fashion dolls or puppets. The most famous fashion doll is Barbie. Barbie is a doll manufactured by the American toy company and launched in March 1959. Modern version of Barbie isa monster High doll. Monster High is a line of dolls released in 2010 and since their introduction they have become hugely popular. 


We now have games, TV shows and a whole host of merchandise based on the theme. The dolls are basically designed to be children of well-known monsters, an example doll Draculaura who is the daughter of Dracula.The best gift for all girls also is a Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear is a soft toy in the form of a bear named after President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt. Teddy has become an iconic children’s toys. Teddy Bear is in all shapes, sizes and colors. These are the best gifts for children and adults. 


As for boys they like playing with miniature version of vehicles. Modern equivalents include toy cars, miniature aircraft,toy boats, military vehicles, trains. So, from year to year boys choose models of cartoon characters each of various types: collapsible, battery – powered,radio-controlled. Helicopters can not only fly but make a video and shoot water. 


A toy robot is also a great and interesting toy for boys. The main feature is that an everyday object, machine or animal could transform into a robot. These robots can run, speak and fight. There are lots of toys created as cartoon characters. The most famous are Minions, Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Batman, Disney Princess, Peppa Pig.

There are a huge number of toys for children. They can be of all shapes, sizes and colors. They can move and speak. They can be friends for children and a great present for them for all celebrations.


  1. What is your best toy?
  2. Is a toy a good gift for birthday?
  3. Do you remember your first toy in your childhood?
  4. Is there a difference between toys 20 years ago and now?
  5. What toys will there be in the future?
  6. Do you have dolls? What is your favorite?
  7. What is the best toy for you? Why?
  8. What toys will you choose for your brother or sister?
  9. Do you have a toy car, a remote-controlled car?
  10. Do you know Minions? Do you have a minion, a spider-man toy?
  11. What is the best present for girls?
  12. What is the best present for boys?
  13. Will wooden toys be popular in 10 years?
  14. What kind of toys will be in 10 years?
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