Christmas Around the World

Most countries celebrate Christmas as the most important holiday in the year. Christmas is a time of joy, fun, good mood and hopes for the best. Christmas comes in silence. On the eve of the holiday, noisy fairs cease, crowds in shops disperse, streets are empty... 

Everyone tries to spend an evening with the family. Festive mood encompasses European city residents long before the holiday. In the middle of November in the city squares the decorated Christmas trees are set up wit the Christmas fair-tents around. Music, laughter, a whirlwind of holiday shopping, children's attractions and an incredible bouquet of spices that are added to cookies and mulled wine - these are the signs of the approaching Christmas.


There is Advent wreath in each house on the table. Advent wreath is a symbol of the bright holiday. At the fairs there are dens that depict the scene of the birth of Christ. A month before Christmas in Germany, a whole country is bustling, people flock to the Christmas fair. It is there that the range of gifts turns into a small holiday with tasty biscuits and Lebkuchen. 

The best Christmas markets in Germany delight visitors with attractions, concerts and theater performances. Since 1st December, every day children open one window of the Advent calendar with a sweet or a small gift hidden behind it. The last window opens on 24th December, and then Santa Claus or a Christmas angel brings the main gifts. But before that, on the eve of 6st December, the children polish their shoes and place them out the door on the porch for Saint Nicholas to put the gifts into. 


The British decorate the Christmas tree while they are waiting for Christmas. But the main events of the Christmas night occur near the fireplace, so it is decorated with special care: ivy, mistletoe and holly. Stockings hang out on the mantelpiece for Santa to put gifts into. In England, cerebrating Christmas is necessarily accompanied by a solemn church service. In Trafalgar Square in London, the main tree is set up, and various charity funds organize all kinds of performances, carnivals and fairs. December 28 in England is a celebration of Boxing Day. At the family table Christmas carols sound and everyone prepares funny questions and hopes to get ridiculous answers to them.

The Czech Republic

On December 6, kind Mykulash in the Czech Republic brings the first gifts, and on December 13, the day of Saint Lucia, girls dressed elegantly come around neighbors and ask for sweets. And the children come to Christmas fairs in Prague and other Czech cities to sing carols and treat themselves to colored gingerbread. For the holiday, Czechs must adorn the house with a tree - not with a cut down one, but natural, growing in a pot. On a festive night, gifts for a Christmas tree are not put by Santa Claus, but by Jesus, who in the Czech Republic is called Ezhishek. According to the Czech custom, there should not be any piece of meat on the Christmas table. Those who fast, will certainly meet a golden piglet, bringing happiness!


A distinctive feature of the holiday in America is the exchange of postcards. Dozens of received postcards are a part of the decoration, although the dwelling is already very richly decorated. The best place in the house is given to the boots made of fabric. Santa Claus will put his gifts into the boots. Interestingly, Santa is honored in America even more than in Finland, where a winter wizard comes from.

Americans wear Christmas sweaters or carnival costumes. Gifts are collected and put during the whole Christmas week under a decorated Christmas tree. If there are a lot of people in the family, each gift is signed. On the night of December 25, the children will bring gifts to Santa Claus. They treat him to cookies, chocolate and milk. In small towns there is a tradition to visit each other and sing religious songs. In the period from December 25 to January 1, most stores are usually closed.


Caga Tió

In the warm climate of Spain, Santa would feel uncomfortable, so the children look forward to the arrival of Pope Noel. 

Before Christmas, children hang bright socks out of the window for the magician to put his gifts into. And in Catalonia, gifts are brought by log Caga Tió. It is brought into the house in early December. Children cover the log with a blanket and feed sweets, and on Christmas Eve they gladly discover that the log brought them gifts. 

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