​Dirty Carpet: Past Simple Story

Mr. Jones went into the sitting-room. It was dark. It was late and she was tired. She found the switch for the light, switched it on and noticed that the carpet was dirty. She put on the radio. There was a program of bacteriology. She turned it off again and put on the television set instead. There was a program of pop music. The noise was deafening. She hated noise. She turned it very low, turned off the light and sat down to relax. 

The music was very faint now and the singers’ open mouths looked ridiculous so she turned the volume up again. No, the music was dreadful. She switched the television off, put on the light, switched off the radio again, turned one in the knobs and found another program — Chopin Nocturnes — very relaxing! But the carpet was dirty: she couldn't relax in a room with a dirty carpet. So she found the vacuum cleaner, took the plug, plugged it in, and switched the vacuum cleaner on. 

Now she couldn't hear the Chopin so she turned it up. But the noise was very tiring. She switched off the vacuum cleaner, unplugged it, put on the light, sat down and fell asleep in the room with a dirty carpet.

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