​Dog Breeds: (have/has got)

Level: B1

Grammar: have got/has got

Vocabulary: parts of body


Basenjis have got long history. They have got an Egyptian look. Basenjis have got a curled and high set tail. They have got large, erect ears. 

They have got wrinkles on their forehead. They have got no ability to bark. They have got a cat like personality. 

Siberian Husky

A Siberian husky has got striking eyes. It has got well-furred toes. 

A husky has got insulated paws. It has got strong claws too. A husky has got a dense coat. Its coat has got two layers. 


A komondor has got long and corded coat. It has got dreadlocks in its coat. Komondor has got a good vision. 

It has got a rectangular-shaped body. 


Pugs have got flat faces. They have got big eyes. They have got wrinkles around their face. 

Pugs have got curly tails. Their tails have got two curls. 

Alaskan Malamute

A malamute has got dense bones. It has got heavy muscles. It has got large chest. 

A malamute has got oily and wooly coat. It has got bear-like paws. Its claws have got the ability to stand out like cat’s claws. 


Chihuahuas have got large heads. They have got a soft spot on their heads just like babies. 

Adult chihuahuas have got erect ears but their puppies have got flat ears. Chihuahuas have got fragile bodies. 

Chinese crested

Chinese crested have got small and fragile bodies. They have got no sweat regulators and can get very warm. They have often got a wool allergy. They have got a chest of hair on their heads and they have got no hair on their bodies but they have got furry heads. Their tails have got some hair too. Chinese crested have got pointed eye look.


  1. Which dog(s) has/have got…
    1. A soft spot on its head?
    2. Striking eyes?
    3. Fragile body?
    4. Dense bones?
    5. Egyptian look?
    6. Curly tail?
    7. Wrinkles?
    8. No ability to bark?
    9. Insulated paws?
    10. Dreadlocks?
    11. A cat-like personality?
    12. Strong claws?
    13. No fur on their bodies?
    14. Corded coat?
    15. Oily and wooly coat?
    16. Large chest?
    17. Wool allergy?
    18. Good vision?
    19. Rectangular-shaped body?
    20. Cat’s-like ability?

Class activities:

  1. Have you got a dog at home? Tell about your dream dog.
  2. Find two people in your group who have got dogs. Ask and tell about their dogs.

Home activity:

  1. Which dog from the text is your favourite? Which dogs from the text are well known and which are not well known? Find and print photos of dogs in the text and prepare oral story about them.

by Maryna Denega

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