Easter Celebration

People all over the world hold various festivities each in their unique and peculiar way. Customs and traditions are particular to every country and even area. Nevertheless, Easter is an important festivity to a considerable number of people globally.

Researchers say that celebrations during the initial spring months date back to the pagan times, when the inhabitants of ancient cities entertained themselves with an extensive feasts to commemorate the goodness of spring and dawn – Eostre, after whom the current celebration takes its name.

Eostre - goodness of spring and dawn

Nowadays, however Easter signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion for the followers of Christian faith. Practicing Christians annually gather together for a sunrise service in churches or cathedrals. There is no set time for an Easter celebration, each year the festivities take place on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring, a date of which varies from year to year.

British public and private educational institutions – secondary schools, primary schools, high schools, modern secondary schools, board schools, colleges and state universities as well as offices, factories and welfare facilities are annually closed for a two-week public holiday. Children enjoy a longed for opportunity to observe the stores’ display cases full of chocolate bunnies, greenery and lambs

Egg painting tradition is also familiar to Britons, but still is less wide spread in comparison to the Ukrainian people. They are decorated in various sheds and colors with a use of peculiar techniques. Toddlers and young children search for the eggs in the backyard garden. While parents preoccupy themselves with organizing egg hunts for their offsprings and preparing some of the demanding seasonal recipes, such as baked ham, potatoes and steamed leafy vegetables. Sweet delights like the Cross Buns made of yeast dough, spicy raisins or currants and flavored with a lemon icing on top, are the additional treat favourites during a festive season.

Easter period overall is the perfect period for family visits and reunions as well as for comforting those facing life difficulties. Royal family members offer various gifts of food and clothing to different charities. Easter wedding is also a popular trend throughout Britain, as it is considered to be propitious time for newlyweds.

Discussion Questions

  1. Tell what traditions do the Britons and the Ukrainian people share. Prepare a short report about the Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Tell the class.
  2. Imagine yourself witnessing the typical Easter preparations in the British family. Share your observations. Watch a video on You Tube to make a comparison.
  3. Imagine you are an owner of a small to medium food store in Britain; order a delivery from suppliers for the Easter holiday season.
  4. What foods would be popular among Ukrainians?
  5. Explain why there is no set date for celebrating Easter. Do you know why the Easter date is different for the Orthodox and Catholic faiths?
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