​Fir-tree and Hedgehog

Once upon a time, on a green field, under a curly little oak lived a gray hedgehog. Pug-nosed, with eyes like black beads and completely without needles, that we’re used to seeing today. At the time, only the green pine tree was proud of needles.She was very proud of her outfit and did not let anyone get close to her – she pricked painfully. Sometimes she even laughed at the hedgehog, who worked diligently from the morning and until late in the evening, collecting mushrooms, berries, and nuts.

- I do not need anything from you! - said the fir-tree proudly. – And I don’t need anyone! I'm the most beautiful on this field...

The conceited beauty even pushed the crow away from herself, who loved to rest on one of the branches of the tree.

And so the crow moved to the oak, under which the hedgehog lived. They soon became friends. The crow even helped the gray friend move his forest treasures to his secret stash. They forgot completely about the proud pine tree.

One day a rapscallion beaver from the black swamp broke into the field. On his way the rascal saw the pine tree. With his sharp, sharp teeth, he began to saw the gentle shaft of the beauty. The crow saw this and quickly flew to the hedgehog.

- Faster, run to help the fir tree! There's a wicked beaver! I'll call someone else for help!

Hedgehog forgot about the pine tree’s prattle. With all his speed he ran for help. And after him – the crow, crying out to the forest’s inhabitants for help. But for some reason, no one was in a hurry to answer.

Then the friends came together to defend the green beauty. However, nothing was working for them. The beaver was not afraid, with his sharp teeth. The wise crow flew to the side and spoke to the pine:

- Let Hedgehog come from the other side under your luxurious needles, and you will give him a few needles. He will become barbed and will frighten the rascal back to the black swamp.

And so they did. While the brave raven distracted the beaver, the hedgehog became prickly.

He put the fir’s needles on his back and went to fight.

The beaver became scared and retreated. And then the crow flew in to pluck at him. The rascal left the field.

Since then, hedgehogs have walked with needles. True, they eventually darkened. Crows have been loud since then, when someone else comes to the forest. Pine trees sometimes drop some of their needles. And beavers began to be afraid of hedgehogs, and now they will never bite the forest beauties - fir trees-with their sharp teeth.

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