Future Simple


  • weather forecasts
  • distant future
  • predictions
  • predictions based on opinions
  • future facts / promises / requests / refusals / willingness / offers / intentions
  • sudden decisions made at the moment of speaking
  • commands / invitations / threats / suggestions / asking for a favour / asking for advice.


be in the future means no-action

Subject will/shall be + noun/ adjective/adverb.

Will/shall + subject + be + noun/adjective/adverb?

Subject will/shall + not + be + noun/adjective/adverb.

Speaking activities using Future Simple (Household chores)

Speaking activity using Future Simple (Cyber city)

for actions

Subject shall/will + verb.

Shall/will + subject+verb?

Subject shall/will + not + verb.


Subject + shall/will + be + Ved/V3d column.

Shall/will + subject + be + Ved/V3d column? 

Subject + shall/will + not + be + Ved/V3d column.

Time Expressions

  • a day after tomorrow
  • from now on
  • in 2015
  • in a few days
  • in a week/month/year
  • in two/three days/weeks, etc.,
  • next week/month/year
  • soon
  • tomorrow
  • tonight


Define the meaning of each sentence:

Will you fix the door, please.

I’m sure you’ll win this time.

A conference will be held next Tuesday at 6 p.m.

I won’t be at school tomorrow.

I think he will apologize for this soon.

I heard the new bank branch will open next week.

The snow will stop soon.

I bet they will lose.

I shall be judged only by God.

I will help you disinfect the attic.

We will spend our holiday preparing for the entry test.

There's somebody knocking. I will just go and check.

I will make some coffee with milk.

You will report to the police on the matter. As soon as possible.

The notice says all visitors shall be evacuated from the dangerous area by tomorrow.

They will invite some celebrities to their concert.

I will have a pint of beer.

Give me your wallet or I will slit your throat with this blade.

If you like, we will drop in a grocery.

I can assure you that it won’t happen again.

Shall we sign the agreement?

If you come along with me, I will show you my secret solitude place.

The bee will bite if you touch it.

Will you wait for me for a while, please?

Shall I give you a lift home?

Will you help me remove the coffee stain?

Shall we sneak a couple of bottles of whisky through Customs?

Future Continuous

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