Getting (reserving, buying) a ticket

by Victoria Kulbachna

Modern life seems impossible without travelling. We travel because we want to see new countries, visit beautiful places, meet new people, discover their culture and living traditions. Thousands of people travel every day either on business or for pleasure. Let's describe the procedure of travelling. When I am ready to go somewhere first of all I plan my travel and after that I go to buy the tickets. In my opinion buying the tickets is one of the most important stages. A choice of transport usually depends on a route and, of course, on a price. That's why you should decide what type of transportis the most convenient for you. There are different means of transportation such as buses, trains, planes.

Travelling by bus is actually widespread in our country, as it has a lot of advantages. Reliability is one of the factors that influences this choice. Different bus companies offers different time of departure from one point to another making it very possible for people to travel at their comfort. Most of people would rather go for the bus services than for the railway stations as they will always save their time this way. Buses unlike trains and planes, have the flexibility of different picking and dropping points making them very suitable for many people. The only disadvantage is that mostly these services don't present us a large system of available discounts. Despite this, travelling by bus is a force to reckon with and one that will not go down any sooner.

Travelling by train is slower than by bus, but it has its own advantages. Firstly, you can easily access the railway station in almost every city and most of them are served by trains multiple times per day. Secondly, it's very practical as check-in simply means getting on the train. No need to arrive hours in advance and walk through a metal detector. You can also bring your own food and drinks on board, if you want to. Moreover, there is also a great system ofdiscounts for students and children from 6to 14 years old. The discount for students is 25% , for children is 35-40% from the whole cost.

Travelling by airplane is the fastest, but the most expensive one. It is considered to be the safest and the most popular means of transportation in the whole world. Let's pretend I've made a choice and I am ready to buy a ticket. What should I do then? There are two ways of getting tickets: you can contact an airline directly, then ask for information you need and later buy a ticket in a ticket counter or you can book a ticket. In my opinion the second way is better as it doesn't take much time as in a case when you stand in a queue. The only disadvantage of booking online is that you won't be able to compare prices or routes across different airlines. To book a ticket I should have a valid credit card. Then I am asked to enter the credit card number and expiration date in the payment section. I should also give pertinent personal information about myself: full name, address and a passport number for international travel.

One more important detail is that I shouldn't forget to bring the credit card used to pay for my reservation to the airport with me. Now, when everything is done, I can start packing things for a travel.

Follow-up questions:

  1. What seems impossible without travelling?
  2. Why do people travel?
  3. Do thousands of people travel every day on business or for pleasure?
  4. What do I do first of all when I am ready to go somewhere?
  5. What is the most important stage in traveling according to author's opinion?
  6. How many means of transportation are mentioned in the text?
  7. What does a choice of transport usually depend on?
  8. What are the advantages/disadvantages of travelling by bus?
  9. Which peculiarity makes travelling by bus very suitable for people?
  10. What do different bus companies do to make travelling very comfortable?
  11. What are the advantages/disadvantages oftravelling by train?
  12. Does it make any difficulties to access the railway station in every city?
  13. Is there any system of discounts while travelling by train?
  14. What is the discount for students/children?
  15. Which type of travelling is the most expensive one?
  16. Why is travelling by airplanes considered the safest and the most popular means of transportation in the whole world?
  17. How many waysof getting the tickets are there?
  18. Why is the second way better?
  19. What is the disadvantage ofbooking tickets online?
  20. What should I have to book a ticket?
  21. Which information should I enter in the payment section?
  22. Which additional information about myself should I give?
  23. What is one more important detail that I shouldn't forget?

Tense focused questions

  1. Are you anxious about the way of getting a ticket?
  2. Are you good atchoosinga route?
  3. Are youexperiencedinreserving andbuyingtickets?
  4. Are you able to control your temper when something goes wrong with the procedure oftravelling?
  5. Are youalways sure about the route and places you choose?
  6. Do you ever change the route just the day before?
  7. Do you need a piece of advice when you plan your travel or you are completely self-confident?
  8. Do you prefer to buy a ticket at a ticket counteror book itonline?
  9. What do you usually do to book a ticket?
  10. Have you ever cancelled your ticketon the eve of travelling?
  11. Have you ever doubtedin decency and liability of the companies you deal with?
  12. Have you everhad difficulties with a choice of transport, because of your health status?
  13. Have you ever left all your duties and daily routine and set off on a trip just for pleasure?
  14. Will you choose the most convenient means of transportation or the safest?
  15. Whatway of getting the tickets will be the most appropriate for you?
  16. Will you buy a ticket from a service with a bad reputation?
  17. Willyou makea complaintaboutthelackofprofessionalism revealed in the service?

Descriptive ideas

  1. What is the most suitable wayof getting, buying, reservinga ticket?
  2. How does a typical booking office function nowadays? How did they function before computerisation?

Role plays

Conflicting. Imagineyou are one of married spouses. A husbandwants to buy tickets for a plane , but a wifehas an airsickness.

Conflicting. Imagineyou are one of spouses. A wife wantstobooka ticket online,but a husband considersthatbetter to buyit at a ticket counter as you can compare the prices.

Controversial ideas

People should be able to buy orbook a ticket in every part ofthe city. There should be special offices where you can do this.

People shouldn’t stay inlong queues when they cross the borderline. Passport inspection should be done as fast as possible, with the help of modern detector.

There shouldn’t be any difficulties to return or change the ticket, saving the whole cost in spite of the term of keeping the ticket.

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