​Greedy King: Grammar Story (Present Simple, Can, Have)

Midas is a very rich king but he is not happy. 

He has a lot of gold.

“ I want more. I have very little gold”, says the king. 

King Midas has a little daughter Marygold. 

She is very beautiful. She is a rich princess. Marygold is a very kind girl. “I do not want any 

gold. I love the sun and flowers.”

One day a wizard is in the palace. The king is angry: “Who are you?”

“I am a wizard. You have much gold, king Midas,” says the wizard.

“I have not so much,” says the king.

“Are you not happy, king Midas?” asks the wizard.

“I want more gold,” answers the king.

“Let me have a golden touch. Let what I touch be gold”

“Well, wait till morning.” Next morning when the king touches his clothes, they turn to gold . 

The chairs are gold, the tables are gold, the bread is gold, the water in the glass is gold, too.

Marygold has roses in her hand. The king touches the roses. “Oh, my roses, my roses!” she cries.

“They all are gold now! They are not beautiful.” The king is unhappy, Marygold kisses him. 

Now her hands and feet are gold, she is a gold doll. She can not dance, she can not sing, she can not smile, she can not smell flowers.

“Are you happy now, king Midas?”asks the wizard.

“I am the most unhappy man in the world! Take back the golden touch, make my daughter alive, please.

“Well, it is a lesson to you. King Midas is happy now, his daughter is with him. Now she can dance, she can sing, she can smell roses and smile.

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