Halloween Conversation Questions

1. Did the Celts choose a good day for Halloween? Why?

2. What is celebrated on Halloween?

3. Do most people like or dislike this holiday in your country? Why?

4. Is it a children’s holiday, or can adults celebrate it, too?

5. Do you feel that it is a foreign holiday which can never be rooted in your country?

6. Should observers know the history of Halloween?

7. How is Halloween celebrated in your family?

8. Do you believe that ghosts come on the night of 31 of October?

9. What makes people fear ghosts?

10. What are the symbols of Halloween?

11. What costumes are mostly worn at the Halloween party?

12. What costume would you choose? Why?

13. How do you decorate Halloween pumpkins?

14. How do you decorate your home?

15. Have you ever carved a jack-o-lantern? How difficult or easy was it to carve?

16. What are your favorite Halloween candies? Which would you be disappointed to get?

17. Do you believe in the supernatural: witches, monsters, aliens, ghosts?

18. How long does it take for a pumpkin/a turnip/a squash to rot?

19. Are you going to have a Halloween party this year? What is going the party to be like?

20. Who would you go trick or treating with? Did you go trick or treating as a child? What did you dress up like? Can trick or treating be dangerous? Would you let your children trick or treat? If trick-or-treaters came to you what would you give them?

21. What scary stories or legends do you know to tell on this day?

22. What food is associated with Halloween in your country?

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