Happy Mother's Day!

Mum is the dearest for everyone!

Mum is the joy for a daughter and son!

Mum is the ocean of care and love!

Mum is the sea, the devoted dove!

Mum is a bird, a swan and a stork!

Mumis the eyes watching us all!

Mum is the best word ever for folks!

Mum is the sun that shines to us all!

Mum is the heart that sincerely loves!

Mum isthe passion to hug you and me!

Mum is the warmth, the trust and belief!

Mum is for both the poor and rich!

Mum is the wisdom, the joy and relief!

Mum is the fairy guessing the wishes!

Mum is the smell of something delicious!

Mum is the tenderness, a million kisses!

Mum is the guard from harm and the evil!

Mum is the prayer for fate and for health!

Mum is the fire in family hearth!

Mum is the song, the poem, the tune!

Wherever you are, mum I ever love you!

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