How to Cross the Street

Alice was twenty-three years old, and she was a nurse at a big hospital. She was very kind, and all of her patients liked her very much.

One day she was out shopping when she saw an old woman waiting to cross a busy street. Alice wanted to cross the street too, so she went over to help the woman across. When Alice was near to help her, she suddenly laughed and said, «Mrs. Herman! You were my patient in the hospital last year!»

Mrs Herman was very pleased to see her.

«I'll help you across the street, Mrs. Herman,» Alice said.

«Oh, thank you very much, Alice,» Mrs. Herman said, and she stepped forward. «No, no, Mrs. Herman,» Alice said quickly. «Wait! The light's still red.»

Mrs Herman answered as she stepped back. «I can easily cross the street when the light's green.»

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. Why did Alice's patients like her?
  2. Who was Mrs. Herman?
  3. What did Alice offer to do?
  4. What did Mrs. Herman do then?
  5. Why did Alice stop her?
  6. What did Mrs. Herman say?
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