Celebrations Preparations: Keeping Safe on the Road

Keeping safe on the road

Work in groups.

  • discuss the following precaution measures
  • say how important they are and why, give your arguments;
  • think of a content for the flyers to be handed out for pedestrians;
  • think of the arguments for the local council to provide you with all the necessary and invest money for this invent.
  1. Ask pedestrians to take extra care when crossing the road ___
  2. Warn car users about possible traffic jams ___
  3. Advice people to use public transport ___
  4. Inform inhabitants that child care centers may not work full time ___
  5. Install additional road signs ___
  6. Check if public transport is safe ___
  7. Ask citizens to report crimes and anything suspicious on time ___
  8. Check if streetlights and traffic lights are working ___
  9. Repair broken traffic lights ___
  10. Give instructions to repair the broken traffic lights ___
  11. Check if all the zebra crossings are clearly visible ___
  12. Ask pedestrians to take extra care and draw attention to the possible crimes ___
  13. Inform people what to do in the emergencies & where injured should be taken ___
  14. Warn about drunk driving and speeding ___
  15. Make sure there are enough car parks for all the vehicles ___
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