Idiom – Keep one’s pants on

Keep one’s pants on / Keep one’s shirt on – Держать себя в руках / Сохранять спокойствие

Hey, guys, keep your pants on when your girl friend is so pretty that she draws attention.

I remember the day when my boyfriend could not keep his shirt on and punched the bloke who just winked at me.

I pleaded him to keep his pants on but he wouldn’t. No please to calm down helped. That guy’s eye swelled up. Someone called the police. What if I had winked back at him?

Keep smth in your pants – Держать что-то при себе

Just leave it there. Don’t take it out. The phone has become the third hand for us. Keep it in your pants.

You do not need it, flashing and beeping, trying to yank your attention away from someone a foot away who is trying to tell you a funny story with no desire to watch you poking in the telephone.

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