IELTS Model Essay (a Diagram)

The diagrams below give information about the manufacture of frozen fish pies. 

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

The provided diagrams show the main stages of the process of the production of fish pies.

According to the picture on the top, frozen fish pie consists of peas and pieces of fish (salmon) in sauce and covered with potato slices. A pie is in a microwaveable container in order to be heated up in an oven or in a microwave.

The fish pie production line involves several concurrent processes: the main line and lines, where potatoes, peas and sauce are being prepared. The manufacturing starts with the preparation of fresh salmon (adding lemon juice and salt) which should be completed during 12 hours or less after the delivery and then fish is sent into a steam oven. The next stage is removing skin and bones and undergoing the inspection. These works are performed by people, whereas other operations in the rest stages are done by machines. A container with fish then is filled with prepared peas and sauce and is covered with potato, that have been already prepared on the parallel production line.

The potatoes preparing line is completely automatic. The process is as follows: root-crops come to manufacture (should be started preparing during a month after the delivery), and are moved by means of a conveyor through a cleaning, peeling and slicing. Then potato slices are boiled, chilled and moved for the storage till the point of need.

Ready pies are wrapped into boxes, frozen and sent to the storage with a further dispatch for sale.

Band score: 8.0

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