IELTS Writing Sample: Percentage of the Population


Do NOT copy the sentence into your answer, you will lose marks.

Remember to select and compare, but do NOT challenge the data or introduce new information.

You don’t gain extra marks for writing more than 150 words, but you will lose marks if you write less.

In the given bar chart is presented the percentage of worldwide population of the urban areas throughout the 1950s till 2050s. After the general overlook of the statistics, it can be easily observed a confident increase of populace in urban areas in each continent, starting with Africa and ending with Oceania.

The lowest point of average 16% of population is spotted in Africa and Asia, both in the 1950. On the contrary, the highest numbers of almost 90% are depicted in Latin and North America. Oceania can be pointed out as the most stable and low impacted continent with only 14% differential throughout the given 100 years.

The most striking difference is displayed in Africa and Asia, as the percentage growth within the century is quadrupled. While 90% of Europe, Latin and North America population is seemed to be living in the suburbs, 35% of Africans and Asians are choosing to live in the cities.

All in all, a clear conclusion can be underlined, that an average of 77% of worldwide population at the end of 2050 are expected to be living in urban, rural areas of their homeland.

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