IELTS Writing Sample: Weight And Health

In some countries the average weight of people is increasing and their levels of health and fitness are decreasing.

What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them?

Nowadays the increasing number of people in many countries suffers from diseases, inconveniences caused by overweight. It is undeniable, that an excess of person`s weight influences his or her state of health – triggers heart and vessel illnesses, shortens lifespan. Moreover, people with over-weights tire quickly, they sweat more, feel uncomfortable on public transport.

To my mind, the main causes of this problem are the leading of unhealthy style of life, laziness and reluctance to change these harmful conditions. The vast majority of people nowadays work in offices, sitting almost the whole day in front of their monitors. The lack of time forces them to consume fast food for lunch of half-prepared meals at home. It is understandable, that such kinds of food may contain a lot of dangerous additives, the large amount of salt and fat, and, as a result – cause overweight or even obesity, different diseases. What is more, people often prefer watching television or lie on a couch instead of doing sports or exercises, which even aggravate the problem.

The question is – what can be done to solve the problem? I would suggest that, first of all, healthy lifestyle is more fashionable today, than earlier. Lots of TV commercials, ads and short videos on the Internet, TV programs recommend us to start drinking more water, eating vegetables instead of hamburgers, going to gym or taking part in sport games. Social nets come up with idea of healthy and beautiful body and popular public people can be good role models for this.

Additionally, in my opinion, government also should provide some national program, which must involve the creation of new sportcentres, the regulations of food quality, promotion the conception of healthy lifestyle, which can be realized, for example, through encouraging the participating in sports or by means of social advertisement.

So, though the problem of overweight is very serious, the wide range of measures can be taken to solve it, but the positive result depends on willingness of people to start doing something to improve their lives.

Band score: 7.5

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