Jobs (Situations)

by Vika Shevchuk

Situation 1

You’re a brave space firefighter. You work in space with the team of professional firefighters. You fly in a special rocket every day. You put out fires on different planets and stars in space. Tell which other tasks you’ve got. How do you feel about your job?

Situation 2

You’re a professional babysitter. You perform this work every day. Share your experience. Tell something about modern kids. Are they naughty or obedient? What are you responsible for? Have you ever had any problems with children?

Situation 3

You work as a video game tester. You are crazy about this job. Tell what attracts you in this job. Would you like to change your job in the future? What special do you do? Is this job useful for society and why? Share your experience. How long have you worked as a video game tester?

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