​Like Mother Like Son

A young woman has a small son. He is only 5 years old. Mum sometimes takes him to work to the local hospital. She is a surgeon. She always puts on a surgical coat and a hat, shoe covers, sterile gloves and a face mask.

Her son is sitting at the table and looking at her interestedly.

‘Mum,’ says the son. ‘I want to have the same clothes. I want to be a surgeon. There is some uniform in the cupboard. Can I put it on?’

‘You are a little boy and it is too big for you now. You have to grow up,’ answers mum with a smile. ‘I have to go. You are a good boy. Don’t be naughty.’

‘OK. Don’t worry,’ says he slyly.

The boy is thinking about mum’s words. ‘I want to put on the surgical clothes now. I want to be a surgeon now. I don’t want to wait!’

Now he is sitting at the table and drawing. He is wearing the uniform like his mum. He is happy.

Somebody is knocking at the door. Knock, knock…

‘Come in,’ says he seriously.

A nurse is coming. She is surprised. ‘Who are you? What are you doing here?’ asks she.

‘Don’t worry! I am your new micro-surgeon,’ answers the boy proudly.

Answer these questions

a) How old is the boy?

b) What is his mum?

c) Where does she work?

d) What clothes does she put on?

e) What does the boy want to be?

f) Why is the boy happy?

g) Who is knocking at the door?

h) What does the boy answer?

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