Marriage and Wedding

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Marriage is a union between two people. Marriage reminds a contract when two people agree to live together and perform some duties. Sometimes people also call marriage matrimony or wedlock. Very often, people celebrate that they are getting married. The ceremony is usually called a wedding.

The conventional matrimony is a heterosexual union between a man and a woman, who become a husband and wife or spouses. A civil marriage is secular and is performed by a government official. A religious marriage may be performed by clergy. Civil partnership is a marriage on a mutual agreement, which is not performed by a government official.

A temporary marriage is called a wed-lease.

Before people get married they get engaged or plighted. When people get married to their beloved they exchange wedding rings and vows and since then they are called a newly-married couple. It is customary for a man to buy his fiancee an engagement ring. The arrangements for a wedding include drawing up a guest list, sending out invitations, booking a reception venue, choosing bridesmaids and a best man, buying a wedding dress, arranging a honeymoon, compiling a wedding list and selecting wedding rings.

The groom and best man arrive at the church before other guests arrive. A bride, dressed in a long white wedding dress, is the last to arrive. Her face is covered in a veil. She carries a bouquet of flowers and bridesmaids in matching dresses accompany her. A bride's father walks his daughter down the aisle until to a priest/vicar at the altar. The church organ plays the Wedding March and the guests rise to their feet to watch the procession. The service takes place at the altar. It lasts for about half an hour, and contains readings from the Biblehymns . The priest asks if there are any objections to the marriage: speak or forever hold their peace. The wedded pair exchange rings and are proclaimed "man and wife". A groom kisses his wife and the couple sign the marriage register. When they come out of the church, the guests often throw confetti and photographs are taken.

At the reception, which is often held at a restaurant there are various toasts and speeches. At the end of the day, the happy couple traditionally leave on honeymoon.

Discuss in pairs

1. What was or will your wedding day be like?

2. What is the most touching moment at a wedding? Why?

3. Think of an extraordinary bride’s dress?

4. Make up an invitation to an imaginary wedding ceremony.

5. Think up a bride’s or a groom’s vow and play out the exchange of vows.

6. Make up a wedding speech.

7. What wedding you would never have? Why?

8. What wedding superstitions do you know and what can be done to avoid the consequences?

9. Think of the compliments you would make about a bride’s wedding look.

10. What wedding menu would be best for the occasion?

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