Meals (Situations)


Arriving at a family restaurant you realize that there are no soft drinks on a set menu and you were given no other menus except that one. You are having lunch at a fast food restaurant.


One of your friends doesn’t consume meat, fish or dairy products and is not proficient in English


The chocolate brownie you ordered was very lovely indeed. But after you have eaten it you realize that it was too sweet for you.


You are a college student and have been working on an important end of term group project. You are expecting for one member of your group to send you some important images and are supposed to email the finished copy of a presentation to the other members. You have chosen to eat lunch at one of those places where they rent computers and wish there would be a plug somewhere to charge your phone.


You are at the restaurant with your three-year old cousin. You want to ask if there is a special menu for the young children. As you are served orange juice you notice that there are no straw in the glass. Your cousin likes there to be a straw. Ask your waiter/waitress for one.


You are at the small coffee house near the river bank with the person you speak to occasionally. You have ordered a cup of espresso for yourself. When the time to pay comes you realize you only have your debit card with you.


You are being served soft drinks as you are flying on an international flight to Athens, Greece. You have been given a tomato juice instead of the orange one you asked for. You are also wondering for how much longer you need to fly.


You are on a walk with your friends in a place you don’t know well. You haven’t had the proper meal for the whole day. Suddenly you see a familiar eating place around the corner.


You are sitting in a well furnished restaurant, after you open the menu there are no prices written on it. You are on a limited budget.


You have arranged to meet a friend of yours at a café at your favourite table, but you have arrived there to discover that the place is really overcrowded and you can hardly get in if you didn’t make a booking. For a party of two you have been offered a place in a newly opened upstairs area. You are worrying if your friend will be able to find you there and your phone’s battery is dead.


You have ordered a cheese and bacon Panini and requested it to be heated up in the microwave for you but after you have taken it is still doesn’t seem to be properly heated.


You have ordered a spiced lamb chop it was really rich flavored and you are taken by a thirst after eating it.

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