Mixed Tenses. Test 2

Choose the right tense

1. Fiona _____ (fit) new batteries in her radio now.

2. David _____ (want) to go to Great Britain?

3. Sandy _____ (taste) the noodle soup to see if it is not hot.

4. The Smiths _____ (cut) the lawn all the afternoon.

5. Paul _____ (be) to Spain many times.

6. It’s the first time she _____ (go) to Italy.

7. Bob _____ (en­joy) staying in Paris and seeing the sights of the city the whole day yesterday.

8. My daughter _____ (use) the hairdryer when I needed it.

9. More and more people _____ (travel) to exotic countries these days.

10. Michael _____ (always, break) things in the office.

11. This is the first time my boss _____ (praise) me for my work.

12. Christine _____ (teach) English for more than twenty years.

13. Why are you tired? I _____ (help) my mother about the house.

14. Marina _____ (finish) baking the cake. It(look) so delicious!

15. The saleswoman _____ (weigh) the apples at the moment.

16. John _____ (look) much younger since he shaved off his beard.

17. The children _____ (tell) horror stories to each other all the day tomorrow.

18.The evening performance at that theatre _____ (start) at eight o’clock.

19. Mark and Brenda _____ (have) a party next Saturday.

20. I _____ (be) to Canada a couple of times.

21. The roads _____ (get) busier these days.

22. I _____ (not, be) to African safari yet. I _____ (think) of going there on holidays.

23. This is the worst weather we _____ (have) this summer.

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