​Morning routine



an alarm clock goes off / rings / sounds

an alarm clock wakes you up

blow dry one's hair

breathe deeply

brush one's hair

brush one's teeth / clean the teeth

check your phone

reach hands for the phone

unplug it off the charger

unlock the screen

scroll down the notifications from various apps

check them out

reply to them if necessary

swipe left and right on the screen

press the lock button

chew a piece of gum

comb one's hair

cuddle with a friend

drink a cup of herbal tea

drink coffee

dry off / dry oneself with a towel

dry your hands

flush the toilet

get changed

get dressed / put on clothes

get undressed / take off clothes

get out of bed / slowly roll out of bed / pop out of bed / jump out of bed

get up

get wet

get yourself organised

go to sleep at the same time each night

have a sandwich for breakfast

have breakfast

have tea for breakfast

hit the snooze button

jog in the frigid air

lie in bed for a while

listen to something (news, music)

make and eat special pancakes

make the bed

move your body (walk, exercise)

open the blinds / draw curtains

open your eyes


pet an animal

put make-up on

put mascara on eyes

put on a coat / a jacket / pyjamas

put on shoes / slippers

put perfume on

put soap in poof

put soap on your hands


rinse your hands with water

rub your eyes

rub your hands together to wash

scrub body

set the alarm clock for

shampoo hair


shave one's legs

sit on the toilet

smile at yourself in the mirror / look in the mirror


squeeze a bit of toothpaste out of a toothpaste tube

stand on the bathroom mat

stretch / stretch different body parts

style one's hair

switch on the computer and check your e-mail

take a bath

take a nap

take a shower

take a shower / alternate ice cold and scalding hot water

take a sip of water / drink a glass of water


Thank you God for the world so sweet

Thank you God for the food we eat

Thank you God for the birds that sing

Thank you God for everything!

turn off the alarm clock

turn off the light

turn on the light

turn on the water

turn the water off

wake up at… / wake up at the same time every morning

walk a dog

wash / wash face / wash one's hands

wipe the seat