On Wasting Money

Jimmy was seven years old. He got an allowance from his parents every week, but he wasted a lot of it on things which he saw in the stores and suddenly wanted to buy, although he didn't need them. One day is mothergave him a notebook and said, «Now, Jimmy, whenever you buy anything, I want you to write it down in this book, and write down the price, too. Then you can look at it again when your money are all gone, and you won't waste so much money next time»

After a week, Jimmy said to his mother, «Do you know, Mommy, before I spend any money now, I really stop and think?»

His mother was very pleased and thought, «Well, he's learned the value of money now.» But she wasn't so happy when he added, «Yes, before I buy anything, I always ask myself, «Am I going to be able to spell that in my notebook?»

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. What happened to Jimmy's allowance every week?
  2. What did his mother give him then?
  3. Why did she give it to him?
  4. What did Jimmy say to his mother after a week?
  5. What did she think?
  6. What did Jimmy say then?
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