Dress Vocabulary Clothes

Level: A2-B1

Women like wearing dresses. What are the parts of a dress? A dress has a cut: a low cut or a high cut. A dress has also sleeves. The sleeves can be long or short. The sleeves can also be tight or wide. A dress has also straps and buttons. There can be buttons in front or back. Some dresses have belts with buckles. The buckles can be decorated with beads.

Some dresses have trims with lace. Some dresses have trims with fur. A dress can also have a collar. There can be a high or a low collar. There are dresses with cuffs on wrists. There are various kinds of fabric for dresses: woolen fabric, silk fabric or cotton fabric

One can choose any clolour of a dress: red, yellow, pink, green, blue or white. There are also various prints on fabric: floral prints, checked prints, dotted prints, striped or even animal prints

A dress can also have pockets. There are front pockets and back pockets, hip pockets or breast pockets. Dress skirts can be long or short, white or pleated. 

What would be your favorite dress? 

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