Police Officer

by Tatyana Savchyna

James is a police officer. He likes his job because he likes helping people in trouble. His job is tiring, as he works long hours.

He wakes up at five o'clock. Then he goes out into the yard and does morning exercises. James does morning exercises every day to keep fit. At half past five he goes to the bathroom and has a shower. After that he gets dressed. He has breakfast at six o'clock. His wife always cooks something delicious and healthy for breakfast. After that he kisses his wife and leaves home. He doesn't catch the bus to work. James gets to work by motorcycle. It takes him twenty-five minutes to get to work as it is on the other side of the city. When he arrives at work he takes over duty. Every day he patrols the streets of the city from seven in the morning till seven in the evening. Every day he helps a lot of people avoid problems. James traces, chases, and catches criminals. Sometimes he risks his life because he deals with criminals and meets them face to face. But he is not worried about it because he can shoot very well. James can fight very well. He is good at martial arts. When he comes home he is very tired but he is always happy to see his wife and children.

At the weekends they often go out to the restaurant. They often go abroad for summer holidays. He is satisfied with his life because he can afford to buy everything that he and his family need.

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