Prepositional phrase "at..."

Prepositional phrase AT

Drilling questions

at a banquet

What is usually served at a lavish banquet?

at a certain /any price

Is there anything you will do at any price?

at the age of

What will you be like at the age of eighty plus?

at the airport

What facilities are there at the modern airport?

at an auction

What would you buy at an auction?

at the beginning of/
in the beginning of

What are you doing at the beginning of the next week? What is it narrated about in the beginning of your favourite book?

at one’s best

What occasions do you look at your best?

at breakfast/lunch

What do you discuss at breakfast?

at the bottom of

Have you ever been at the bottom of the class. How does it feel like: being at the bottom?

at the bus stop

How crowded is it in rush hours at the bus stop near your house?

at church

Would you like to have a wedding ceremony at church?

at/on/in the corner

Do you find sitting at the corner of the table a superstition? What is there in the corner of the biggest room in your flat? What is there on the corner of the street you live in?

at all costs

What kind of situations or people do you avoid at all costs?

at the crossroads

Who do you ask advice from when you are at the crossroads?

at dawn/dusk

What makes you wake up at dawn? What makes you stay awake at dusk?

at one's desk

What do you feel like if you have to pass the whole day at your desk?

at ease

Who are you quite at ease with?

at the end/in the end

What are you doing at the end of this week?What can you do in the end after being ignored by your beloved?

at fault

How do you know that your calculator is at fault?

at first

What do you do at first when you arrive in another country?

at first hand

What is it that you have learned at first hand?

at first sight

Do you believe in love at first sight?

at a glance

Do you know at a glance what to do in extreme situations?

at a guess

Do you ever do tests at a guess?

at hand

What do you always keep at hand?

at heart

Are you a child at heart?

at home

What do you do to make your guests feel at home?

at/in a hotel

Have you ever stayed at a swanky hotel?

at… km per hour

at large

How dangerous might it be when criminals are at large?

at last

Have you learnt all the irregular verbs at last?

at the latest

When, at the latest, will people in your opinion, will live on Mars?

at least

Have you ever eaten anything not tasty, but at least palatable?

at the least

How long does it take at the least to learn a foreign language?

at length

What can you speak at length about?

at liberty

What are not politicians at liberty to do?

at a loss

What makes you be at a loss for words?

at the match

When were you last at the football match?

at midnight

Have you ever been woken up at midnight?

at the moment

What are you doing at the moment?

at most

How long does it take at most to learn a foreign language?

at night/ but

in the night

Is the front door of your house/flat always locked at night?

at noon

Do you ever sleep at noon?

at once

Can you eat piles of chocolate at once?

at peace/ war

Are you always at peace with yourself?

at present

What are you busy with at present?

at a profit

What business can you do at a profit?

at the prospect

What do you feel at the prospect of being a student of the targeted university?

at random

What makes applicants answer at random at the interview?

at any rate

Books of which genre would you read at any rate?

at one's request

Will you dance or sing at your guests’ request?

at the same time

What do you do at the same time?

at school

What are your best memories of the days spent at school?

at sea

How long could you be at sea?

at the seaside

When were you last at the seaside?

at short notice

Have you ever cancelled your plans at short notice?

at sunset

What is the sky like at sunset?

at the table

How comfortable is it at the table in your study?

at times

What or who are you irritated by at times?

at the top but

on top of

Can you sing at the top of your voice?

at the weekend

What are you doing at the weekend?

at 14 Oxford St

What's the difference between at night and in the night?
we say at night, in the night and on a clear night. in the night is a particular night, at night — usually at night, on a clear night is like on a day, whole night.
The bar-room was now full of the boarders who had been dropping in the night previous, and whom I had not as yet had a good look at.