Present Continuous Activities

1. Each child makes 5 statements what they are not doing at the moment as they are doing something different.

I am not learning German. I am learning English.

I am not watching TV. I am looking at my classmates.

I am not sitting on my sofa. I am sitting on the chair in Towmuch.

I am not listening to music. I am listening to my teacher.

I am not thinking about pizza. I am thinking about English sentences.

2. Work in pairs

Pupils go to the board in pairs. The pupil 1 has got a picture; the pupil 2 doesn’t see that picture. The pupil 1 explains what is happening in his/her picture, pupil 2 draws that on the board. (Each pair has got different pictures)

3. Write on the board places where children can be. (according to the topics you’ve learned).

E.g. in Canada, at the seaside, in Oasis, in Multiplex, camping, at school, at home, in the park, in Towmuch, at the PE lesson.

Children choose one of the topics from the board and in arandom order say to each other: “You are in the park. What are you doing there?; You are in Towmuch. What are you doing there?”

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