Present Continuous Passive

Present Continuous in Passive Voice is formed by:

Subject + am/is/are + being + Ved/3d column for statements.

Am/is/are + subject + being + Ved/3d column for questions.

Subject + am/is/are (+not) + being + Ved/3d column for negatives.

Read and comment on the use of Present Continuous Passive Voice.

  1. The insects are being brushed off the clothes taken from the attic.
  2. The door is being hammered at.
  3. The workforce is being slashed.
  4. Look , the child is being pulled along the street by a suspicious man.
  5. Be careful. The roof is being mended.
  6. The dinner is being served.
  7. The town is being served with contaminated water.
  8. What is your home being left for? A rugged life in the desert?
  9. Is anything being kept a secret?
  10. The factory's production is currently being cut back.
  11. Silence. The verdict is being delivered.
  12. You are being warned of what might happen.
  13. Your repeated lateness is being reported to the boss.
  14. She is being invited to exhibit at several French museums.
  15. No foreign painters are being exhibited.
  16. I am being accused of stealing from my employer.
  17. The products are being offered at a very competitive price.
  18. Am I being compared with my mother.
  19. I am being stung by your mockery.
  20. The room is being clean swept.

Practice on Active into Passive and vice versa transformation.

  1. They are showing me the easiest way to do it.
  2. He is always comparing himself with his father.
  3. Negotiations are still being held.
  4. Everyone even slightly involved is being interrogated.
  5. They are planning the revenge.
  6. Customers are being badly served.
  7. We are looking for alternatives.
  8. What is being discussed?
  9. Why am I always being ignored?
  10. Final comments are being emailed.
  11. You are always criticising my ideas.
  12. You are handing a hundred dollar bill absolutely for nothing.
  13. The referee is being escorted from the football field by a strong police guard.
  14. It is being said that too little money is being spent by the government on roads.
  15. Where is the car? It is being put into the garage.
  16. The warehouse is being guarded by the police.
  17. The runways are being lengthened at all the main airports.
  18. Tents are being pitched all around.
  19. A delicious fish soup is being cooked over the fire.
  20. Some effects of certain chemicals on the human brain are still being researched.
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