Present Continuous Exercise

Present Continuous

am/is/are being
+ Verb + Past Participle


The doctor is examining her now.

She is being examined by the doctor now.

Put the following into the passive voice.

1. My brother is cleaning my shoes.

2. We are using this kettle now.

3. Father is hammering nails into the wall at the moment.

4. My neighbour is opening the door.

5. The boy is carving a picture with a knife.

6. They are pulling down the old theatre.

7. They are mending the roof.

8. The librarian is giving books.

9. The police are asking questions.

10. Waiters are serving refreshments.

11. People are leaving bicycles in the hall.

12. Members are returning books.

13. The burglars are stealing things.

14. They are delivering the harp this afternoon.

15. They are ringing the church bells as a flood warning.

16. People are spending far more money on food now.

17. The organizers are exhibiting the paintings.

18. They are saying nothing.

19. They are offering a reward for that.

20. The offender is paying the fine.

21. They are making these artificial flowers of silk.

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