Present Simple, Present Continuous

Level: A2/B1

Use the words in brackets and rewrite the sentences in present simple tense.

  1. I am putting on my coat a now. (in winter). ____________________________________________________________
  2. Where are you going? (in summer) ____________________________________________________________
  3. He is buying cigarettes. (often) ____________________________________________________________
  4. Granny is reading a newspaper. (sometimes) ____________________________________________________________
  5. Mary is standing at the bus stop. (in the mornings) ____________________________________________________________
  6. What bus are you waiting for? (usually) ____________________________________________________________
  7. I am driving to work today. ( often) ____________________________________________________________
  8. This week he is working in a new branch. (every year)  ____________________________________________________________
  9. What are you queueing for? (more often)  ____________________________________________________________
  10. Mary is standing outside a telephone box. (sometimes)  ____________________________________________________________
  11. A boy is phoning his brother. (occasionally)  ____________________________________________________________
  12. He's speaking Japanese now. (well) ____________________________________________________________
  13. My parents are having breakfast now. (always) ____________________________________________________________
  14. I am paying my bills. (regularly) ____________________________________________________________
  15. Traffic wardens are patrolling now. (typically)  ____________________________________________________________
  16. Peter is walking up and down. (often)  ____________________________________________________________
  17. The woman is parking her car. (well)  ____________________________________________________________
  18. The police officer is sticking a parking ticket to the windscreen. (normally) ____________________________________________________________
  19. The Customer is buying a fur coat. (in winter) ____________________________________________________________
  20. My father is watching his favourite television programme. (seldom) ____________________________________________________________
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