Quantity of...

Quantity = something that is measurable in number, amount, size, or weight.

  • a large / small / sufficient / negligible quantity of…
  • a quantity / the quantity adds singular verb
  • (the) quantities add plural verb
  • quantity of adds mostly singular or plural things more often applying to inanimate objects
  • a quantity of + singular uncountable = singular verb
  • a quantity of + plural countable, acting as they = plural verb
  • a quantity of + plural countable, acting as the unit = singular verb
  • the quantity of + singular uncountable /plural countable = singular verb


  1. A large quantity of money is taken under control.
  2. A large quantity of mangoes were carried by the ship.
  3. A [small / large] quantity of weapons were seized.
  4. During the raid, large quantities of cocaine were seized at Beirut port.
  5. The quantity of data that a home computer is able to store in its memory has risen incredibly in the last couple of years.
  6. The quantity of goods ordered determines the price you pay per unit.
  7. After getting paid, the quantity of dollar bills in my wallet bfinally enough to buy Taco Bell.
  8. Large quantities of fruits – apples, pears, quinces, peaches, nectarines, apricots, grapes and melons – were exported by special trains to central Europe.
  9. An unexpectedly great quantity of people trying to purchase tickets online has caused the orchestra's website to crash.
  10. Production quantities haven't been decided yet, he added.
  11. The quantities are staggering and we are scrambling to keep up.
  12. There is an unknown quantity to almost every other starter.
  13. The quantity and quality of data available range widely.
  14. A large quantity of small holes looks best, Pace said.
  15. Large quantity of books are interesting.
  16. The soldiers discovered a large quantity of weapons hidden under the floor of a disused building.
  17. You only need a very small quantity of cement to mix with the sand.
  18. Large quantities of illegal drugs had been discovered.
  19. Aid workers have delivered huge quantities of food to the refugee camps.
  20. The largest quantity of a particular product was sold by the company.
  21. The quantity of fuel enters the engine.


A [large] number of people were queuing up to vote outside the polling station.
A large number of people have been trapped in the metro.

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